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Optical Illusion Class & Road Trip

Hello art enthusiasts! We would like to invite everyone to join us this Friday for an optical illusion building class taught by Nothing (day.silvercloud), with music provided by DJ. Morris (poppymorris).

With over a decade of building knowledge and experience within Second Life, Nothing is a gifted and accomplished SL lighting and environment artist. She enjoys exploring new methods of light and sound manipulation. She’s kindly offering to share with us some of her tips and tricks!

Not only is DJ. Morris a great DJ, she knows her favorite genres to a depth not commonly found, seamlessly queuing songs such that the tempo carries you smoothly through the evening without any jarring transitions.

When: March 19th at 11pm slt

Starting location: SLEA Art Sandbox The class begins here!

Ending Location: A Very Strange Trip – Acid Experience Amusement Park We will take a road trip and visit this location for more fun!

Hope to see you there!


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