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Ant Farm Light Gallery

Since January, the Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yif (Ft. Bachi Cheng), has been on display at SLEA in region four. As it’s final days on display here at SLEA approach, I had to revisit it.

SamaraMiree: “Was there inspiration for it?”
Regi Yifu: “Just playing around in blender to come up with a cool idea for a gallery for SLEA. It’s the first thing I thought of, so I built it.”

Regi speaks with an air of ease and confidence when he refers to his work. He makes it seem effortless. But in reality, His vision for the Ant Farm combined with Bachi Cheng’s paintings, is quite the magical medium mix. With the bright colors and shifting lights, the Ant Farm Light Gallery catches ones attention easily. Often, when new comers arrive, with out even having known specifically of the Ant Farm Light Gallery, they gravitate toward it.

It is impossible for any photograph to capture the mesmerizing lights of the Ant Farm Light Gallery. It has to be experienced.

When you experience the Ant Farm Light Gallery, you can feel a growing sense of exploration and at times, you might even feel minuscule. With the twisting tunnels, color alternating lights and the multiple caves, it really does start to feel like a psychedelic ant farm and you are living it. You will wonder what waits for you around each turn.

Nestled in many of the caves, various paintings can be found on display by the artist, Bachi Cheng. She is a talented painter from the South of France and a long time friend of Regi’s. With her inspired painting style and Regi’s colorful and bright creations, the two make the perfect creative team.

Now and through the rest of March, You can view the Ant Farm Light Gallery on display at SLEA in region 4.

With the end of March swiftly approaching, now is the time to see the Ant Farm Light Gallery while it is still available.

Written by SamaraMiree
Photographs provided by SamaraMiree

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