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SLEA Art Sandbox Centre Info

In continuing SLEA’s outreach to new and upcoming artists, we’d love to remind you of SLEA’s free sandbox region that is available for use.

SLEA Art Sandbox Centre Slurl:

Don’t forget, you will need to join the group to build here at the SLEA Art Sandbox Centre and it’s completely free!

The SLEA Art Sandbox group link :


The region clean up happens weekly with a 24 hours group notice to remind everyone ahead of time. Region clean up is typically on Fridays between 6 :00 AM SLT – 10:00 AM SLT. In the center of the SLEA Artist Club, you will find the teleporting pad that will give you access to other building areas. There is the main level, the under water level on the ground floor then a building grid platform to aid in mathematical precision. At the building grid platform there are tools available for all to use, such as a prim finder tool.

While you are there, feel free to check out the freebies provided by Tansee. These can be found in SLEA Artist Club.

All are welcome and I look forward to meeting you!

Written by SamaraMiree
Logo provided by Tansee


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