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Machinima Land: Region 7

Machinima Land, like the Performing Arts Center, is difficult to miss when arriving at SLEA’s landing pod. The brain child of Wizardoz Chrome, it is one of the Launch 1 grant awards. Her initial aim was to build a place dedicated to activities related to Machinima and more generally to the eighth art: media. From this initial concept, Machinima Land was born.

Machinima Land was born

On arrival, cinematic signage provides an overview of what’s on. I had at first expected a single gallery, but soon realised this is a mini mall of machinima treats easily accessed via a dedicated teleport system.

@The Gallery

Machinima Land is made up of seven spaces. Room 1, or “The Clouds” is a place to relax and chat about the arts, science, philosophy, the weather or perhaps the machinima you’ve viewed while next door in Room 2 and/or @The Gallery.

A place to relax and chat

If you want to get together with friends and have a popcorn party, why not take a trip to either the 8th Art Hall or the Cineforum? In each is a large screen where Wizardoz has been rotating the showing of the resident machinimators.

Room 3

An additional space, Room 3, is allocated for future machinima talks and workshops.

While exploring this cinematic phenomenon, you’ll find not only machinima but art hidden throughout the build, from extraordinary animated texture to sculptures from Wizardoz’s personal collection. These change frequently, so there is always something of interest upon return. It is also clear Machinima land was created with the overall environment in mind, its colours blending with the tone of Region 7 and some elements reminiscent of the Performing Arts Center opposite.

Wizardoz (by Wizardoz Chrome)

Wizardoz is a prolific artist having created over 180 machinima since 2013. Her passion stems from seeing this artform as a means to communicate content within virtual worlds more widely. In a recent interview for the award-winning Designing Worlds TV show, she expressed how temporary and short-lived virtual art can be. Wizardoz views machinima as a means for keeping the memory of that art alive. During her grant period of three months, she has exhibited, with consent, the work of several machinima artists who recorded residencies at the former Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA). An invite is extended to others who have similarly documented LEA work and would like their own machinima to be included.

Launch 1 Grant Award Poster by Wizardoz Chrome

What is Machinima?

As part of the first day of the First Annual Celebration of the Arts, Wizardoz, with Bleu Oleander presented both a verbal and visual presentation answering the question, ‘What is Machinima?’ We learned machinamators are “creators of short movies shot in virtual worlds, better known as machinima.” Genres of machinima are generally related to their subject matter, such as education, science, storytelling, novels and music. During her grant period of three months, Wizardoz aimed to represent the various typologies and a range of Second Life machinimators. The Machinimagine presentation and a machinima by both Wizardoz and Bleu were viewable until the end of February on the 8th Art Hall Roof. However, Wizardoz has cleared the space for new things …. I’d best keep that a surprise!

Presentation poster by Bleu Oleander

Wizardoz Chrome entered SLEA with an even more ambitious and evolving vision. In order to realise it she has kindly agreed to take on the role of Machinima Land curator, a “collector of memories regarding Arts in Virtual worlds of which often, memory is lost.” The “place” she initially imagined has now been realised and is to remain as a permanent SLEA entity.

What can we expect from Machinima Land in the future?

An invitation to you (image by Wizardoz Chrome)

Officially opening Friday March 12th, you are cordially invited to “Music and Frivolous Fun” with DJ Gorilla (Livio Korobase). You will be able to view past work by machinimators Ataro Asbrink, Eupalinos Ugajin, Glasz DeCuir, Holala Alter, Iono Allen, Mexi Lane and Wizardoz Chrome herself. You will also be able to sign up for a machinima workshop to be hosted by Tutsy Navarathna and Wizardoz, and learn about an exciting new venture you too could be a part of.

This is just the beginning. When asked, Wizardoz presented an almost overwhelming array of ideas for the active hub she would like Machinima Land to be. Future developments will be posted in the Machinima Land tab in the menu above, and future events will be published on the SLEA calendar.

Teleport directly to Machinima Land by clicking HERE

With thanks to Wizardoz Chrome and Tansee for providing the words to enable the writing of this post. Image credits, unless stated above: Safar Fiertze.


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