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Alternative Worlds

March has swiftly arrived and all SLEA regions are still abuzz with exhibits to be seen. Melodie Heart (MarieMadeleine38) and Dreams (Barry Richez) Alternative Worlds exhibit is in full swing. Alternative Worlds brings to the viewers an awareness of climate change.

Upon landing you are greeted with their vision statement for the exhibit.
“We intend to raise awareness of climate justice and
sustainability through art.
Preserve our planet, recycle, control pollution,
rethink what is taken for granted.
Seek a compromise between eco-logic and eco-nomics.
Don’t forget to visit the space facilities:
organic garden and science labs.”

The snowy valley leads to a field with trees and from there you can take in your surroundings of what Melodie and Dreams envisions the world could possibly be.

Every detail brings something to ruminate over about the climate and state of our planet. The entire world is made using recycled materials and origami paper. Upon going further into the exhibit you can find your way up to the space station. There you will find a space garden, lab, and butterfly sanctuary. There is so much to see in both the space station and on the ground. The artists took great care and attention to detail.

A worker hard at work in the space garden.

The snowy landscape will be melting away this month and bringing to close their exhibit at the end of the month with SLEA. We look forward to the changes to come. It’s recommended that you view Alternative Worlds with advanced lighting, particles and sounds on, lastly please have your windlight/EEP set to Midnight.


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