Region 1 Winter Slavic Rebirth

Winter Slavic Rebirth, a winter wonderland steeped in Russian myths and legends, officially opened on SLEA’s Region 1 January 1st 2021.   Due to close February 28th, this review is a celebration of the incredible achievement of the Winter Slavic Rebirth team and a last chance call to appreciate the beauty of this creation before the region is handed over to the next grant artist, Suzen Juel.

Led by Viktor Savior de Grataine, an international team of more than 60 people helped create Winter Slavic Rebirth.  Including builders, artists, models, designers, photographers, singers, poets, video directors, performers and DJs, the aim was to represent pre-Christian Russia, a pagan world of fairy tales and epic legends where people lived in perfect connection with their natural world. A huge gallery situated in the heart of the region provides visual and background information about that world.  As you wander the Winter Slavic Rebirth with its simple wooden homes, encounter the wild beasts that would have occupied their territory and virtually experience the renowned brutality of a Russian winter, you gain a sense of how austere and hard that life must have been.  Yet, culturally, it was steeped in art, from music and dance to the rich and vivid decoration portrayed in the homes.    This is most vivid in Belovodie, an area of the region dedicated to the natural world of Russia, created by Darina Allen and Smaila Vikanorda. While there, be sure to visit the home of Baba Yaga where you may learn your fate!

Alatyr – entrance to Winter Slavic Rebirth

On landing at Region 1 you enter Alatyr.  Built by Smaila Vikanorda, with contributions from Russian designers Nautilius and Smiles, Alatyr is the main entrance to the Winter Slavic Rebirth world.    Surrounded by the Slavic gods, Leda, Veles, Makosh and Perun, you are immediately thrown back in time and place to medieval folklore.   Alatyr is a sacred stone in Russian legend, an altar located on Buyan Island in the centre of the world.   The world tree, or the throne of world reign, stands upon the stone, endowing it with healing and magical properties.   Surrounded by arches made of ice, the sparkle of snow, it is hard not to be filled with the promise of the magic which lies beyond.    

Following the snowy path you arrive at Arkaim, a small town which is home to a temple functioning as an art gallery.  Individual artists presented work in the temple for a duration of two weeks. Each exhibition opened with a musical and ‘living sculpture’ performance which provided some information about the artist’s work.   In total, 5 artists occupied the temple: (in order of appearance) Layachi Ihnen, Looker Lumet, Jaz, Zia Sophia and Viktor Savior de Grataine.   One of the houses also contains a gallery exhibiting the work of Aleksey Artist and Tara Aers.  

Temple Gallery

Art is by no means limited to these two galleries.   As you enter Oriana, built by Arin Bellios also of Russia, gazebos show brighly coloured landscapes depicting Russian nature by the organiser, Viktor Savior de Grataine, as well as a pop-up gallery enabling the visitor to choose between collections of paintings by Russian artists, Ivanov, Korolkov and Papsuev with accompanying notes.   Additionally, another gazebo houses the exhibition, “Russian Beauties” by Aila Hyperborea.  

Oriana Gazebos

The Winter Slavic Rebirth team successfully portrayed the union of fashion and art in so many ways throughout the duration of their residence that even the most hardened sceptic could not fail to see the place of fashion within the arts. The marrying of art and fashion was most startling in the “Art and Fashion Union”.   Artists were invited to present their own vision of a Russian winter, nature or mythos.  An exhibition of these was shown within a Bronze Age build by Russian designer Alia Hyperborea.   Models then selected a painting to represent through fashion.

Arkona built by Orpheus Paxlapis (Greece) was the defensive fortress housing the stage for Russian singers and musicians who performed at various intervals throughout the residency, including singers АнгелИнка НЕЖНАЯ (angelinkanega), Tillen (tillenavers), Marichka (mrichechka), Sergey Islar, Даша Безу́мная Макса (dasha1981) and Nehama, dance by choreographers, Monia and ™ℒҽďΐ ℳõõη™ (1ledigracia1).   One highlight was a performance by a Russian theatre group, Orchid, who presented ‘Viy’ a supernatural horror novella by Nikolai Gogol, which was the first of its kind to be written.   The moral of the tale being not to walk from the path, or you might meet a terrible witch and die!   

The extraordinary organisation and effort achieved by Viktor during his residency is evident from those he expresses his thanks to for helping to manifest the entirety (see below). Winter Slavic Rebirth can be viewed until the end of February at Second Life Endowment for the Arts, Region 1. And if you missed the opportunity to view the show, they have been documented for posterity and may be viewed below.

“My deep gratitude and appreciation to everyone who put their time and effort into creating this unique world!
As well as a huge gratitude for the opportunity to create this amazing world on the SLEA project:

coordinator and organizer Tansee
advertising support and supervision by Dido Haas
blogger and media Safar Fiertze

Darina Allen (Russia, Ural)
Belovodie (Russian Nature) and Arkaim (Guest Art gallery)

Orpheus Paxlapis (orpheusofdarkness) (Greece)
Arkona City with stage for performers

Arin Bellios (Russia)
Oriannah (Main Art gallery)

Vikanorda (Russia)
Alatyr (Main Entrance)


Aila Hyperborea


Angel Heartsong

Audie Whimsy

Black Rose (scargirl68)


Jamee Thomson (jamee.sandalwood)

Jaz (jessamine2108)

Layachi Ihnen

ʟօօӄɛʀ ʟʊʍɛȶ (looker.lumet)

Matt Thomson

Michiel Bechir

Moora (moora.mcmillan)

Raven Cedarbridge


Shane Spero


Viktor Savior de Grataine (viktorsavior)

Zia Sophia (zia.branner) 



“Arkona” Viktor Savior

“Arktida” Aila Hyperborea

“Find the Fish” Orpheus Paxlapis (orpheusofdarkness)

“Good Balance” Nautilius

“InStyle” Pretty

“Just Imagine” Vita Theas

“LUXE Paris Fashion House” Mika Palmyra, Parisian Skytower & Avalon Chrome

“-MB-” Marylin Breen

“MBD” Tiatain

“Old World” Katrina Kristan

“Serendipity” Ariella Lata

“Skifija” Goran Osterham

“Slavia” Messata

“Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions” Tayren Theas

Editoral SUOH, fashion magazine
owner and publisher
Richard de Grataine Suoh (richardgratainesuoh)

SL Times magazine
owner and publisher
Nadia Love, Girasol

360 Gradi magazine and Virtuality blog
Author and Public Relation Manager
Owner and Founder of Art Promotion
Violet Boa

The Sequence, Russian magazine
owner and publisher
Xela Woodford

The Confidencial, spanish magazine
owner and publisher
Chemak Kamala

Events: Art&Fashion Union Jan 31 and Artist’s personal expos

АнгелИнка НЕЖНАЯ (angelinkanega)
Aponi (aponi.denfu)
daesian Brianna
Ɛdwigε ςαℓαмιту (edwiigee)
Guille (guillesfontaine)
Hanne ѕтяαωвєяяу Kenin (hanne.kenin)
Harmony Spero
Jamee Thomson (jamee.sandalwood)
Jenni Lyle Christian (jenni.eros)
Këÿlä Swëëtwätër (claudiabb)
Manto (mhe.scarbridge)
Margot LaSalle
Orpheus Paxlapis (orpheusofdarkness)
Richard de Grataine Suoh (richardgratainesuoh)
Shane Spero
Ѕнoly KᴀᴇsϮηᴇя Ƶнασуιηɢ (sholee)
Vickie A. Maidstone
Viktor Savior de Grataine (viktorsavior)
Xela Woodford


АнгелИнка НЕЖНАЯ (angelinkanega) singer
TILLEN (tillenavers), singer
MARICHKA (mrichechka) singer
Sergey Islar singer
Воин ТОР (vointor), video director
M. L’vovich (tsym) video director
Даша Безу́мная Макса (dasha1981), hostess, singer and DJ
Russian theater group “Оrchid”
™ℒҽďΐ ℳõõη™ (1ledigracia1), dance maker
Monia, dance maker
Lady Tiara (tiaracarina) hostess and DJ
Нафаня (nafannnya), host and RJ
Nehama, singer”

(Viktor Savior de Grataine)

Thank you to Viktor for providing the information and words to enable this post. Images by Safar Fiertze.

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