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The SLEA Art Sandbox Centre

Unlike the average sandbox regions in Second Life, the SLEA Art Sandbox isn’t another place dedicated to opening packages. The region is a birth place of creation and creativity. If you have been looking for a warm and welcoming place to bring your artistic visions to life, the SLEA Art Sandbox is the perfect creative space for you.

“The SLEA Art Sandbox is a needed addition to the art community. A haven for artists to work and share their artwork for others to see and inspire.”

Belle Jasmine Song (jezyabelle)

Not only is the atmosphere inviting and buzzing with creativity, but the SLEA Art Sandbox is staffed with friendly and experienced artists and art enthusiasts who are happy to help and guide those who visit the region. Artists of all skill sets, ranging from novice to experienced, can be seen utilizing the region. With a region wide clean up that is scheduled weekly, it is common practice that many artists often leave their work out for others to see during that time. So, not only is it a place of creation and ideas, it is a place of sharing.

It is not uncommon to find the the SLEA ART Sandbox is bursting at the seams with a huge collection of diverse and wonderful art.

When you arrive to the sandbox, you will notice right away that the main level consists of the SLEA Artist Club and the surrounding area around the club is where many of the artist gather to build. For the utilization of all aspiring artists, there are several different building levels for an immersive building experience. There is the main level, the under water level on the ground floor then a building grid platform to aid in mathematical precision. Also at the building grid platform are tools available for all to use, such as a prim finder tool. These levels are all accessible through a teleport pad in the center of the SLEA Artist Club.

What a perfect way to get the creative juices flowing by stepping foot into what feels like at times, a collaborative wonderland.

Norma Westenra (samaramiree)

Nestled in the center of the region is the SLEA Artist Club. It offers the perfect place for social interactions, relaxation and creativity. You can often find the SLEA volunteers here hanging around or building. Don’t be afraid to say hello to them as they are friendly and happy to meet new comers.

Pictured above: Archer, Oliver, SamaraMiree, Jezyabelle and Zeta

With everything that the SLEA Art Sandbox Centre has to offer, it is no wonder that many Second Life residents often gather here.

Thank you Linden Lab, for making this possible!

On February 21st, from 3pm to 5pm, we will be having our first party at the SLEA Art Sandbox Centre! Feel free to join us for great tunes, the company of like minded individuals and beautiful artwork.

Written by SamaraMiree.
Pictures provided by JezyaBelle and SamaraMiree.
Quotes are as spoken by JezyaBelle and SamaraMiree.

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