SLEA in the News: January

After Opening with a Bang on New Year’s Eve, Second Life Endowment for the Arts enjoyed some time in the limelight. Akiko Kinoshi was the first to produce and present a video of the day’s events which can be viewed here:

After adding SLEA to the Destination Guide, Linden Lab joined Tansee who took videographer, Draxtor Despres on a bicycle tour of the regions. The video and associated SL blog post can be viewed here.

The opening also caught the attention of Moon Pleasant who shares this video of the event:

Several magazines sponsored the “Art and Fashion Union”, an event held at Region 1’s ‘Winter Slavic Rebirth’ in two parts. Confidencial magazine ran a spread on one contributor to this event, as did the SLEnquirer.

Second Life Tourist took a trip to SLEA which you can read about HERE.

During the third weekend of the month, SLEA had its Grande Opening: “First Annual Celebration of the Arts“. Ahead of the event, Brett & Patch Linden and Tansee join Strawberry Linden for that week’s edition of Second Life’s Lab Gab.

Not all news is good news and according to Orca Flotta SLEA is ‘doomed to fail‘. However, the Russian Arts Community spreads the good news, while Lumina Circus Lab presents a short fly-by of Region 7:

SLEA Region 7 Fly By by Lumina Circus Lab

The Grande Opening: First Annual Celebration of the Arts, held during the third weekend of January was well-represented on YouTube – here being a sample, again from Akiko Kinoshi and Lumina Circus Lab respectively:

“Rising” by the Imaginals and MADaboutDANCE (video by Akiko Kinoshi)
“Ant Farm Light Gallery” by Regi Yifu (video by Lumina Circus Lab)
“Quantum Field Theory” by Thoth Jantzen (video by Lumina Circus Lab)

Featured image by Dido Haas

If you’d like your article to be featured in “SLEA in the News!” next month, please contact Safar Fiertze in-world.

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