Artists Snapshot: Pearl Hyacinth

For today’s Artist Snapshot, we will be featuring Pearl Hyacinth. Pearl has been apart of the arts in second life for some years. She enjoys spending her time in Second Life exploring and being in creative spaces. Pearl’s exhibit will be on Region 6 running from January 24, 2021 to June. We look forward to seeing Pearl’s artwork at SLEA.

1.) Describe with three words how you felt when hearing that you were awarded an SLEA Grant:

Thrilled. Honored. Terrified.

2.) If you appeared on this page, what quote would you like under your portrait?

“Every species has their own embodied reality, perception, and voice.”

Art is unknowable – Pearl Hyacinth

3.) If you could display your art next to one of the great masters, who would you choose?

Remedios Varo.

4.) In less than 5 words, how would you describe your style of art?

Conceptual, multi-disciplinary, ecomedia, surreal.

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