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SLEA In the News: December

Region 1 hosts Viktor Savior’s Winter Slavic Rebirth, a tremendous achievement of unifying art, design, fashion, music, dance and history within one installation. The SL Enquirer provides a good account of the project.

SL Enquirer

Through the eyes of a child

Vaneeesa writes a fun post on the progress of creating Flash Fiction Island through the eyes of a child. The island is now occupied by builders and writers to produce Flash Fiction for your ears every Sunday at 10 am for the duration of her residency.

Vanessa Blaylock Blog

And Strawberry Linden promotes New Year’s Eve events including our own Opening with a Bang!

Featured image by I am free…(libbberamente)


Published by Safar Fiertze

Safar used to be a slave to her own ideas about what it meant to be a proper person. When she woke up she decided to learn how to ride a motorbike, and took to the road armed only with pen and paper. She now calls herself a writer, though currently as a ghost.

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