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Lovers of the performing arts will agree SLEA was the place to be last weekend, 23rd and 24th January. With an extensive selection of work by an international line up of performers the mood and atmosphere was celebratory and jovial, eliciting a large audience and plenty of snapshots to document the event. Please view theContinue reading “Thank you!”

First Annual Celebration of the Arts: The Artists!

Two machinimators, Wizardoz & Bleu, are creators of short movies shot in Virtual Worlds, better known as machinima. They will present a talk, both in voice and local chat on the nature of machinima followed by the screening of two machinima of two different types. In “Art of Mind” by Bleu Oleander, and “The SurrealContinue reading “First Annual Celebration of the Arts: The Artists!”

1st Annual Celebration of the Arts

◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◥▼◤You Are Cordially Invited to SLEA1st Annual International Celebration of The Arts◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣Grande Opening Event1/23 & 1/24 Please tune in for Friday’s Lab Gab. Strawberry Linden interviews guests Brett and Patch Linden and SLEA coordinator Tansee who will share news about the launch of SLEA’s First Annual Celebration of the Arts. The weekend promises a compellingContinue reading “1st Annual Celebration of the Arts”