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Artist Snapshots: Cordediseta Rosea

For today’s Artist Snapshot, I had the opportunity to catch up with Cordediseta Rosea. With her approachable persona, she was more than kind enough to indulge in my inquires. “My journey began many years ago as an organizer of art exhibitions. I was fascinated by the genius, by the ability to express oneself of the human being. Then slowly I started to write the emotions I received in watching these works and from there to translate them into shows. It was not easy, but I saw that the proposals I presented were received by the public … they moved in the same way as I was excited to write them.” She shared with me.

“The judgment is final. The opinion is itinerant.”

How do you feel about being one of the launch artists for SLEA?

“For me and for my theater company, it is an honor to have been chosen by SLEA to represent culture in SL. A great opportunity to show everyone that Art in SL is something concrete and not just virtual.”

In less than 5 words, how would you describe your style of art?

“A nuance of the soul”.

If you could display your art next to one of the great masters, who would you choose?

“I don’t know who the works we bring on stage look like. They are all original. They arise from human experiences and translated into prose and poetry texts. Artists who adopt this way of proposing Art there are many, but you enter the soul of each one and you should explore it very well to give definitions, so I don’t know who to approach out of respect for all artists”

Complete this sentence: “Art is…”

“…a walk in the soul.”

Not only does she own two theatrical companies, but she is currently working on more artistic adventures. While trying to maintain discreetness in her up and coming SLEA exhibit, I will say that I am looking forward to see what she does with her SLEA grant.

Congratulations Cordediseta!

Stay tuned to learn more about this artist.

Starting May and through June, Cordediseta Rosea’s exhibit can be viewed at SLEA in Region 4.

 Images provided by Cordediseta Rosea.
 Quotes as spoken by Cordediseta Rosea.
 Written by SamaraMiree. 

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