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Artist Snapshots: Vaneeesa Blaylock

For today’s Artist Snapshot, I had the pleasure of catching up with Vaneeesa Blaylock! Her zest for life and bubbly personality was contagious as she indulged me with my inquires. With over a decade of experience in the arts, Vaneeesa started her journey toward the virtual arts in 2009 by creating performance work for a VR art exhibition at Kansas State University. “That was my first Virtual Performance Art work in SL”, Vaneesa stated.

She continued to produce performance art in Second Life for years. “What I learned in those 50 performance works was that avatars were happy to wear my costumes and do my choreography. But, when the performance was over, it was interesting how quickly they wanted to change into clothes of their own choosing. I realized that something many avatars crave in this world is the chance to express their identity.”

“In the end, only kindness matters.” Vaneeesa

How do you feel about being one of the launch artists for SLEA?

“I couldn’t be more excited! I was fortunate to have artist land grants with the old LEA for four different projects: Alice in Cornelland, Medici University, Edie’s Farm, and College of Avatar Architecture and Virtual Urban Planning. Each experience was a delightful occasion that involved many different avatars in creative projects and identity expression. I’m confident that Flash Fiction Island will be another community experience filled with rich connections and opportunities for many residents to participate.”

In less than 5 words, how would you describe your style of art?

“Virtual Public Art.”

If you could display your art next to one of the great masters, who would you choose?

“Allan Kaprow.”

Complete this sentence: “Art is…”

“..not an object, it is a way of being.”

You can view Vaneeesa Blaylock’s up coming art exhibit at SLEA, starting January through February at region 2.

 Images provided by Vaneeesa Blaylock.
 Quotes are as spoken by Vaneeesa Blaylock.
 Written by SamaraMiree. 

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