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Artist Snapshots: Regi Yifu

With his larger than life personality, Regi Yifu lights up a room with his presence. Every interaction that I personally have had with Regi, always left me at ease. Even with his bright nature, he still has a aura of mystery about him. He is always very approachable when I come to him with inquiries on his work and his artistic background.

“I am a gregarious bohemian artist from Texas! A graduate of the Art Institute of Houston 1983. I love being creative in every part of my life and Second Life is basically a play ground for an artist. I love making stuff that make people happy! If you have not heard of me try searching Regimade in your inventory! LOL. If you don’t have anything of mine, then send me a friends request and I will fill you up with smiles.”

“To be #1, you have to be odd!”


How do you feel about being one of the launch artists for SLEA?

“I feel very honored to be chosen as a grant percipient. I always love being creative so this is a good opportunity to inspire other people to be more creative as well!”

In less than 5 words, how would you describe your style of art?

“Eclectic. Gregarious. Bohemian. Hippie. Weirdness.”

If you could display your art next to one of the great masters, who would you choose?


Complete this sentence: “Art is…”

“Art is LIFE.”

Not only is he a Graphic Designer and a DJ in second life, But he has written his own cookbook. Regi is a exceptionally talented artist and a valuable asset to SLEA. Every time Regi shares some of his work with me, I am impressed. I am anxiously waiting to see what Regi Yifu brings to SLEA!

Starting in January and through March, You can view Regi Yifu’s work on display at SLEA in region 4.

Images provided by Regi Yifu. 
Quotes are as spoken by Regi Yifu. 
Written by SamaraMiree.

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