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Artist Snapshots: Wizardoz Chrome

For today’s Artist Snapshot, we introduce to you, Wizardoz Chrome! With years of experience in the arts, Wizadoz has displayed her creations on various online and virtual mediums since 2012. Wizardoz enjoys expressing one’s self through photography and creating unique machinima in virtual worlds. This week we managed to catch up with her briefly. With her warm and inviting personality, Wizardoz was a delight to talk to.

“Not the splendided sails that move the ship, but the invisible wind.”


How do you feel about being one of the launch artists for SLEA?
“I’m very pleased and honored to contribute to SLEA launch and to be part of this Team that loves Arts so much.”

In less than 5 words, how would you describe your style of art?
“Expressing feelings wordlessly.”

If you could display your art next to one of the great masters, who would you choose?
“I cannot choose a particular Great Master. The Artist, or the Great Master, shows explicitly or implicitly the soul in his/her Artworks. I would like to expose my work next to whom, has transmitted “something” to my soul, at that very moment.”

Complete this sentence: “Art is…………”
“Art is a “wind” that transmits emotions”

Wizardoz kindly indulged me by giving some glimpses into her past work and to say that I was impressed is an under statement. She has a knack for expressing emotions through visuals that doesn’t come naturally to most. With the talent and knowledge that Wizardoz possesses, I am anxiously waiting to see what she brings to SLEA. Starting in January, Wizardoz Chrome’s work will be on display at SLEA in region 7.

Images provided by Wizardoz Chrome.
Quotes are as spoken by Wizardoz Chrome.
Written by SamaraMiree.

4 thoughts on “Artist Snapshots: Wizardoz Chrome

  1. Greetings and waves to Vaneeesa Blaylock :). Thank you for the compliments on my Avi. It’s one of the ones I love the most. The creator of my Avi is Cutea Benelli ❤ . It's an avatar that brings with it many of my memories of SL and the memory of a unique place: the "Spencer Museum". As for my installation at SLEA, it will be about the world of machinima, photography and Media in general. As for my biography and links, I don't think I can put them here, as they are not included in the biography of any of the artists on this blog. But I can tell you that I upload my machinima on YouTube :). Best wishes also to you Vaneesa! See you at SLEA ❤ .
    Wizardoz ( aka Alba Rocca on Facebook ).

    (PS I apologize for not having answered earlier to these messages, but I realized only now that the page continued with the comments, uppsss 🙂 )

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  2. Hiya, awesome SLEA Media Team! Thank you so much for these great artist profiles!

    I notice that you’re not including any links to artist websites, flickr etc. Of course we can look them up, but it might be cool to offer links. I’d love, for example, to know where I can see some of Wizardoz’ machinima! TY!!

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    1. Thank you for your input Vanessa, it is always welcome. The artists have an opportunity for this during the period of their residency. Having said that, we also encourage joining our Flickr group (, where we encourage participation in The Arts Project (, the Instagram challenge ( ) and to post any SLEA photographs they take.

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  3. Love your avi, Wizardoz! So much care and detail! Hmm… not too many clues on what to expect from your installation! 😀 Will it be photography/machinima based? Can’t wait till January to see what you create! Best wishes in your process, Wizardoz!

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