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Artist Snapshot: Rage Darkstone

Rage Darkstone has gained a significant SL following as an artist and will be no stranger to many in the arts community. His work is prolific, including abstract drawings and chalk art in addition to building performances in vast spaces with large geometric shapes dancing to a backdrop of music, light and animated textures. When I asked what phrase he’d use to describe how he feels about being awarded an SLEA grant, I discover Rage’s hidden poet, receiving many phrases, reflecting the multi-layered art we might expect to see at Grant Region 2 from March 2021.

“- A virgin canvas when the brush first touches it

– Diving in an ocean of possibilities – drowning in an empty pool

– An inner vision of shapes, colors, and sounds laced with feeling

Recombinations of Second Life’s unique digital pallet: 

prims and mesh,

textures and windlights,

sound and music,

poetry and voice,

avatars and bots,

their shapes and outfits,

their movements and dance,

their friendship and love.

    – Planning and stopping in time, on time, at the right time”

Rage Darkstone, 2020
‘Art is a word idiots can use to say: “that is not art”.’

For his grant award, Rage intends to present ‘Circus’. We can expect a form of digital expressionism. If I understand the term correctly, Rage sees the process of creation is as much the art as the product. In his profile he says, “I orchestrate “performance builds” — building cycles of an hour that start from nothing, rez and derez thousand, land-impact worth of objects, and usually end with spectacular explosions leaving nothing,” thus exposing the viewer to his process.

If he could, he would choose to be exhibited next to the highly sought after work of figurative painter, Francis Bacon. The vivid colours and abstract style of Rage’s work would juxtapose well with such a choice. And what should the viewer bring when approaching his work? Characteristically, Rage tells us ‘the ability to see eight words in one‘. Perhaps, I say, after another glass of rioja?

Rage Darkstone during a performance build

Rage thanks Tansee, the volunteers, the Lindens and Linden Lab for this opportunity. Thank you to Rage for giving me the words to write this post, and to Traci for the images.


Published by Safar Fiertze

Safar used to be a slave to her own ideas about what it meant to be a proper person. When she woke up she decided to learn how to ride a motorbike, and took to the road armed only with pen and paper. She now calls herself a writer, though currently as a ghost.

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