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From the mouths of DJs….

I have first-hand experience of witnessing the behind-the-scenes preparation of Second Life DJs. While some prepare a specific set more than others, that view is only a tiny fragment of the many hours of curation that went into producing the journey you embark upon by joining them: the sifting and sorting through the ever-changing landscapeContinue reading “From the mouths of DJs….”

Artist Snapshot: Melodie and Dreams

Melodie Heart (MarieMadeleine38) & Dreams (Barry Richez) are the last, but by no means least of the collaborations that make up the Launch 1 group of artists. They will occupy Region 3 for a period of three months, starting January 1st. Both from France, Dreams gave me plenty of opportunity to dig up some rustyContinue reading “Artist Snapshot: Melodie and Dreams”