Launch 1 SLEA Grant Award Recipients!

Congratulations to our Launch 1 Grant Award recipients!

I am honored, excited and relieved to announce the long awaited Launch 1 of the Second Life Endowment for The Arts Grant Awards made possible by Linden Lab.  There were a total of 19 very diverse and international applications submitted. 

Rather than filling out a specific form to apply for a grant, SLEA requested the artist respond in his or her own words the concept of the submission.

Upon the initial review it was realized that a grading system was not necessary as each essay was clear, concise and very detailed and equally befitting of a grant.  As the process continued, it was noted that a very interesting pattern was evolving.  Out of 19 applications no-one requested a one month grant which made that region flexible for a longer period. The majority of requests were made for 1/4 regions, 8 to be exact. 

It was at this point as Coordinator of SLEA, I made what I believe to be a very balanced, mindful decision to fill the first 6 months from January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021 giving each of the applicants the chance to show us their original creations to be on display for others to enjoy, appreciate, be inspired, learn from and most of all represent The Arts. 

Thank you to all who have shown continued positive support in “our” new project and we are all looking forward to “Opening SLEA With a Bang” as we do a ribbon cutting ceremony allowing all to wander SLEA, a group count down on New Year’s Eve with a simultaneous 5 Region Fireworks and Particle Display, live music, DJ’s, dancing and one big Celebration! 

Now keep in mind this will NOT be our Grand Opening!  Our Grand Opening Soiree will be a 24 hour “First Annual SLEA Celebration of The Arts” on Sunday January 24.  If you or anyone you know would like to participate please contact us ASAP.

Once again, congratulations to our Launch 1 SLEA Grant Award recipients. 

  • d-oo-b (Eifachfilm Vacirca) and Kalyca (Kalyca McCallen) – ALCHEMELIC
  • Harry Cover(impossibleisnotfrench), Jaz (jessamine2108) & Briony Writer
  • iSkye Silverweb
  • Jennifer Steele (Steele Wilder)
  • Joseph Nussbaum & Sway and Dance Troupe
  • Marea2007 Praga
  • Melodie Heart (MarieMadeleine38) & Barry Richez
  • Pearl Hyacinth (Pearlhyacinth)
  • Rage Darkstone
  • Regi Yifu
  • Serra Qendra & Anelime Lubitsch
  • Seta Rosea (Cordediseta Rosea) & I Vicoli
  • Suzen Juel (JueL.resistance)
  • TerraMerhyem
  • Tiggy T. Omega (TigerLola)
  • Vaneeesa Blaylock
  • Viktor Savior de Grataine (ViktorSavior)
  • Wizardoz Chrome

Your SLEA Coordinator,


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