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On Virtual World Art

SLEA Bloggers would like to introduce Aquaglo (Aqua th Oracle) – SLEA Art Education Advisor. Aqua has kindly offered her thoughts on the legacy and future for virtual world arts. Thank you Aqua!


As a lifelong educator I would first like to thank Linden Lab for helping the virtual art community in Second Life for promoting the genre of virtual world art. Virtual world art has come a long way since I began in 2011. Dope Zepp, Nezzy, and I, began StarFall Artistic Group in the Fall of 2011. Our goal was to bring a myriad of artists together to blend regions into positive and cooperative blends of art. I also became prolific in the genre of machinima; especially in music paired to particle performances. I have Aquarianspeak YouTube Channel with over 120 machinima (mostly for fun and later ones for PhD class presentations and for NAEA (National Art Educators Association presentations) with over 70,000 views and some are embedded on over 3,000 websites globally. Most of those are the ones promoting oneness, inclusivity and respect for all.

At that same time LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) regions were the most original and exciting places to experience art designs with visual artistic interpretations of a myriad of artist visions come to life on the screen. As an educator I was fascinated by all the possibilities for the future and how virtual world art could be incorporated into the ‘biological real world’ of the artists and visa-versa. At the time I was unaware of how the genre would grow exponentially infuses into a combination of both the virtual and biological (real world of art).

Art is not the product produced; it the process the artists go through while making the product. It could be a painting, performance art, set or region design, particle show, sculpture, architecture, the visual theatre, the written word interpreted, media art, or a combination of any of the above. It may be an installation piece on display for a period of time or become a permanent part of the virtual world. The only limit we have is the imagination and skills of the artists and builders.

Virtual world art now includes utilizing digital 3d rendering programs such as blender while others utilize the building blocks (prims) within the virtual world itself. Sometimes a combination of both is mixed and can also include media arts combining movement sound and building/art, as well. In fact, now we are bringing the ‘real’ biological world art into the virtual world in a form of virtual mixed media. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the variety and creativity of those who pursue the adventure of virtual world art.

We, as a community of individual artists understand and recognize our responsibility to work together, share techniques to further the field, and help build its standing in the larger arena of art on the global stage. We are also aware of the impact our works can have on the viewers through the lens of their own societal norms as well. This helps ensure the individuality, diversity, and inclusivity of our wide range of artists from around the globe.

In 2011 we had fewer ways to express our creativity. Mesh was not widely used nor had 3d art become widespread. Today in the real world (biological) you can watch any talent show program on television and find dancers, acrobats, singers, musical groups/singers and other type of performance arts utilizing the virtual world mixed with biological world performances. Universities, public and private schools have been a part of virtual platforms over the years in the fields of science, mathematics, literature, and media/mixed media arts and educational settings for classes. As the world becomes closer with globalization of the arts through cyber technology the genre of virtual world arts is limitless. With the leadership SLEA is providing by curating (thanks to Linden Lab again), and the continued strength of our artistic and creative global community I cannot wait to see (and be a part of) where the next decade and beyond will take us.

Aquaglo (Aqua th Oracle)

Personal Credits / Education

Education: continuing - post-grad work at proposal/ABD stage toward PhD; Art Education

Principle Question: What are the potentials and limitations of the VW (virtual worlds) visual art community for promoting international social justice awareness? Sub-question: What lessons can educators learn from VW art worlds that might be useful for teacher training for international social justice awareness?

MA – University of North Texas 3.8 gpa - Art Education with Museum certification – virtual world art utilized in museum settings as well as specializing art integration into core subjects utilizing virtual worlds/technology for k-12

MA – Amberton University 3.78 gpa Communications (verbal and non-verbal including global norms)

BS – Amberton University 4.0 gpa Human Relations/Communications/Marketing inter-related degree

Specializing in none-verbal/verbal communications for education and business

Post-Grad TWU Denton Education coursework, 12 hrs. 4.0 gpa

Post-Grad NCTC advanced photography/professional photography 12 hrs.

AAS – Eastfield College Mid-Management/ European Literature – 3.69 gpa

University of California, Berkley – GEMS National Associate trainer

Specializing in training math/science teachers to use ‘hands-on’ creative arts teaching pedagogy

University of Arlington & DISD - Reading/Writing Academy through

Specializing in creative visual cued pedagogy ‘hands-on’ pedagogy in teaching reading/writing

STARR Program trained = Specializing in creative visual artistic stimulation-based pedagogy for autism spectrum

NVCI - Non-violent Crisis Intervention trained, Specialty training on how to de-escalate disturbed students and restrain as needed.

ECRI trained - dyslexia program for writing - Creative multi-sensory pedagogy for dyslexic students

Avid certified AVID program (program to help at risk students prepare for college)

BTBM - Boys Town Behavior Management program

ARWP - Active Reading/ Writing program – utilizing the 5 senses in creative arts in English/LA

Jenson Whole Brain learning program – utilizing the creative arts in all subjects as catalyst.


SLEA – Art Educational Advisor

Linden Endowment for the Arts – 6 past group and individual grants over the past 9 years

University of North Texas – Volume Published in Oral history department Journal on the 1960’s-2000’s racial issues in the Dallas area

DFW/guide to the Arts Magazine: Poetry and monthly column on variety of art events in the area

SecondLife Virtual World: INAEA video and presentation on pedagogy utilizing avatars

NAEA: National Endowment for the Arts - chosen for two presentations on virtual world art as a social justice platform

Written and in process of Publishing Two children’s books promoting inclusion of students with differences

Dallas, Texas Fire Department Highest Citizens award for saving two children from a fire.
Image Credits: Aquaglo (Aqua th Oracle)

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Safar used to be a slave to her own ideas about what it meant to be a proper person. When she woke up she decided to learn how to ride a motorbike, and took to the road armed only with pen and paper. She now calls herself a writer, though currently as a ghost.

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