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SLEA Team Spotlight: Dido Haas

For today’s Team Spotlight Interview, I had the honor of interviewing Dido Haas. With years of dedication to the arts, she exudes passion and admiration when asked about her artistic back ground. As the Curator for SLEA’s official Facebook page, she brings forth a sociable personality and authenticity that make her a valuable asset to the team.

Image by Dido Hass. Pictured above: Dido, herself.
Second life Name:Dido Haas
Second Life Account Age:13+ Years
Birth Place:Second Life (Region Unknown)
Languages:Dutch, English, German,
Some French & Spanish
Second Life Occupations:Curator for SLEA’s Official Facebook page,
Owner, Curator & Host of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery & Blogger at ‘Exploring Second Life with Dido’
Second Life Hobbies:Photography, SL exploration, socializing, mingling in the arts scene, fashion and dancing.

SamaraMiree: “What led you down the path to becoming the Curator for SLEA’s Official Facebook page?”

Dido Haas:I like social media and Facebook is one of them, and I am a frequent enthusiastic user of SL FB as well as of my RL Facebook. I post lots of info on my personal SL FB as well as on my SL gallery (Nitroglobus) FB  page. I create FB events and keep everybody informed about exhibitions and opening events at my gallery. After a party, I spend lots of time liking and sharing the images made by visitors as well as placing all the images I made during the party.”

SamaraMiree: “Have you had any pleasant surprises since you have joined the SLEA team?”

Dido Haas:I met lots of interesting people, my fellow volunteers for SLEA until now. Moreover, I feel part of a team, which I like. Being a gallery owner is a lonely job. I still miss my ex-partner, Nitro, with whom I started the Nitroglobus gallery years ago. After he passed away, I continued on my own, which is not always easy, because I have no sparring partner anymore. Friends fill the gap, but that’s different.”

Image captured by SamaraMiree. Pictured above: Dido Haas

SamaraMiree: “What do you plan to do as the SLEA Facebook Curator? Could you tell us a little about your vision for the SLEA Facebook?”

Dido Haas: “In my opinion the SLEA Facebook is for sharing information, keeping people informed about what’s going on at SLEA, which is what I do at the moment. I share the SLEA blogposts and place information handed to me.”

SamaraMiree: “What inspires you most in Second Life?”

Dido Haas: “The people, my close friends, the arts community and the amazing creativity.”

SamaraMiree: “Would you name a a few sl artist that you admire in Second Life and why?”

Dido Haas:There are so many I admire, but I like to mention a few, who’s work I like a lot:

Igor Ballyhoo (builder/sculptures), Ini Inaka Cherry Manga and JadeYu Fhang (RL artists, SL sculptures/images), Venus Adore (particles), Tutsy Navarathna (machinima maker), Livio Korobase (creative builder/music maker/great friend and advisor and supplier of fun) and many. many more great artists, but you said a few.”

SamaraMiree: “Is there anything that you hope to learn while working as a member of the SLEA team?”

Dido Haas: “Working in a team and learning from experienced people how to be less blunt and outspoken perhaps?”

SamaraMiree: “What are you most excited to see in SLEA?”

Dido Haas: “I am looking forward to seeing the artists installing their creative art in SLEA starting  January, 2021.”

The SLEA team is lucky to have Dido Haas on board. With her vast knowledge in the Second Life arts community, she will keep everyone informed and updated on the latest news.

In addition, Dido would like to extend an invitation for everyone to visit Nitroglobus.

Images provided by Dido Haas & SamaraMiree.
Written by SamaraMiree.
Quotes are as spoken by Dido Haas.

3 thoughts on “SLEA Team Spotlight: Dido Haas

  1. Sorry, one more thing! Dido, if you’re there… that silver top with all the straps that you’re wearing in the photo – it’s fantastic! – but all the straps! Is it hard to put on? Do you ever get confused, with straps over your head? And you just say “I’ll put this on later!” and go have coffee?

    Ha! Probably not! From my small encounters with Dido she seems to have an effortless elegance. The thing probably just glides in place for her. I’m confident it’d take me half hour to get all the straps in the right place and adjusted properly! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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