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Landscape Design Grant

In our ‘Whispers’ section of the blog, we aim to bring you a weekly, behind-the-scenes glance at progress and happenings. Last week’s whispers related to the SLEA Bridge Project headed by Rosinante Vinson. This week, we take a sneaky peaky at the mysterious NW corner of Main Region 7.

This area, viewable from the main landing zone, is designated for Landscape Design Grants. A new addition to the grant awards, Delain Canucci, one of SLEA’s volunteers, has tested the space, by ‘painting the canvas’ with an in-season theme, showing just one of the many possibilities for how the SLEA Landscape Design Grant could be used.

Creative LI Testing by Delain Canucci at SLEA’s Main Region 7

Solely a water area, it cannot be terraformed, but instead landscaped with sculpts and prims to a maximum land impact of 2500. Delain’s example demonstrates just one of the possibilities of the Landscape Design Grant; there are multiple layers of opportunity for the aspiring creative. Being part of Main Region 7, your design will have priority viewing to be enjoyed by all visitors when they embark upon their journey through SLEA.

Do you love designing landscapes? Apply today for this opportunity to design a corner of our SLEA Main Region 7. Applications for January grants are open until October 30th. We look forward to viewing what you have to offer.

The SLEA team whole-heartedly thank Delain Canucci for her input with this innovative Landscape Design corner.


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Safar used to be a slave to her own ideas about what it meant to be a proper person. When she woke up she decided to learn how to ride a motorbike, and took to the road armed only with pen and paper. She now calls herself a writer, though currently as a ghost.

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